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Outstaffing is a remote hiring model in which a contracting company, in this case, MORRE, provides highly skilled professionals to participate in a client's project for the duration of the contract.

This form of relationship between the company and remote workers allows our clients to effectively utilize the resources and expertise of remote specialists without the need to build and maintain or expand their own team.


Advantages of outstaffing


Cost Efficiency

Our collaboration is based on lease terms, leading to an overall reduction in expenses compared to traditional employment relationships. We also manage salary payments, taxes, and other legal employment obligations.


Efficient Hiring Process

We will promptly provide you with experienced developers, eliminating the need to spend valuable time searching for suitable specialists.


Exceptional Expertise

Gain access to a wide range of specialists with the right skills and experience to meet your unique requirements.


Simplified Personnel Management

By partnering with us, you free yourself from the complexities of hiring and managing personnel. We will take care of all HR matters, including training, personnel selection, and the intricacies of dismissals.


Focus on the Core

As we handle the search and selection of developers, you can concentrate on strategically important tasks. Additionally, we offer a convenient solution for temporary and seasonal projects.

Our outstaffing directions:

Project Management

Mobile Development

Frontend Development

Backend Development


QA and Testing


Want to optimize your team with skilled professionals?


is the right choice.

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